Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). These IP-based visual, short and long range surveillance systems are now used as integral to any integrated security solution to deter, detect and help protect industrial and all other types of facilities.  These days, video surveillance systems can be found everywhere. They are in the streets, at train stations, workplaces, factories, oil & gas facilities and other areas that needs be protected or mandated by authorities having jurisdiction, such as SAMA and MOI.  For application in industrial sector HCIS standards have been developed in the Kingdom and compliance to these standards is mandated particularly in Oil & Gas sector to ensure maximum protection of national interest. Intelligent applications have made large surveillance networks practical to manage and utilize. For example, technology for facial recognition, identifying threats, event-detection, tracking objects, and rapidly investigating incidents, can be scaled to thousands of cameras over large geographical areas.

Supported by machine learning algorithms and integrated with artificial intelligence tools, the operators viewing live video in their monitoring rooms can get automatic alerts that in the past required extensive human engagement, thus automating more and more of operator’s task and enabling them to use the intelligence embedded in the cameras and the network video recorders and servers they are connected to.

SVS has formed strategic alliance with best of the breed global suppliers of video surveillance and video content analytic solutions companies and we offer an extensive range of solutions that can be integrated easily with other security solutions such as access control and intrusion detection to provide a comprehensive, scalable and stable platform to meet the exact requirement of our customer facilities.

Equipped with native intelligence and automation to provide enhanced video surveillance and automation.