Maintenance (O&M)

SVS O&M provides comprehensive maintenance services and round the clock 27/7 maintenance activities to petrochemical plants, oil & gas companies, refineries, utility companies, manufacturing sites, mines, and various other industrial, government and commercial operations.

Our maintenance services portfolio includes but not limited to:

Facility Services

SVS O&M provides maintenance solutions for large complex facilities throughout the GCC. Our technical experts help us maintain programs and implement operations that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs and reliability while maximizing both the productivity and comfortability of our clients.

Our Facility Services portfolio includes but not limited to:

SVS O&M team is highly dedicated with a singular aim to ensure maximum uptime of the installed systems and treat every request for service and preventative maintenance as a priority. When you need help, we treat it with high priority and we want you to experience the level of customer care SVS is known for.

Optimize life-cycle value, lower operating costs and increase reliability of your facility’s security and IT systems