Business Intelligence

Limitations in the ability of humans to vigilantly monitor video surveillance live footage led to the demand for artificial intelligence that could better serve the task. SVS offers latest innovation in video analytics, machine learning and detection technologies to enable operator’s task automation, detection, identification and recognition of objects, people and behaviors for enhanced safety and security with the ability to adjust to the observed environment.

The advancement in extracting useful data from high definition video feeds and using smart sensors offers exceptional benefits to many businesses.  The VMS systems can now  collect, manage and analyze data from diverse sensors and sources, while creating output for big data applications to improve business performance and vastly improve visitors services.

Using AI and machine learning business owners can collect trending data on customer journey in a retail store with advance data including., approximate age and gender, customer behavior analysis, areas of interest, frequency of visits, peak times and more.  The collected data can be can provide useful output to improve business performance particularly in Retail and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

Business intelligence to improve business performance and customer journey using extracted data from cameras and diverse sensors.