Access Control

Controlling and managing access to a facility or a critical area within it is a fundamental component of vulnerability and risk management.  Allowing access to employees and visitor in certain area based on their credentials should be smooth, while restricting access to these areas by unauthorized personnel or visitors is critical for the protection of assets and employees.

Various layered technologies can be used for access management, include turnstiles, door locking hardware and credential readers, such as biometric readers using finger, palm, iris of the eye and facial recognition.

With years of experience in designing and installing high performance, access control solutions, SVS has the leading edge technologies to bring you premises based or remote cloud based access control systems or badge, card and key fob access control.  In addition to supply and implement consultant specified solutions, SVS experienced staff are ready to help the end users determine what the best system is for your needs and budget.

Innovative access control and visitor management solutions to ensure security of your assets and protection of your personnel