Design & Engineering

Integrated security solution design requires extensive experience, knowledge of latest available technology best fit for the vertical market and ability to engineer most effective system design within allocated budgets.

Our team of highly trained engineers and designers starts the design process by understanding the unique requirements of each project, specific applications and performance goals. Based on the information we have collected from the user representative, facility’s security management team, IT staff and other organizational stakeholders, we conduct site surveys to better understand the physical layout of the facility and make assessment of possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Based on the threats and expectations our team creates the on designing the best unified security solution. With our knowledge of the top global technology suppliers and new product innovations from an array of manufacturers we compose a design best suited for the customer considering key aspects including., installation, operations, maintenance, robustness, scalability and intuitiveness. Proof of concepts are arranged for key system components and software platforms to ensure customer is given a test drive of the system they are going to invest in.

Robust, scalable and intuitive system design and engineering services for key vertical markets