Light Detection and Ranging (scanning LiDAR) overcomes the limitations of conventional sensor systems and represents a viable solution for accurate short and long range detections of intruders. Advanced LiDAR detection systems uses innovative embedded analytics to analyze the size and range of moving objects and provides accurate point detection by tracking the X & Y coordinates of each moving objects. This allows security operators to know exactly where intruders are, as well as define the type of intrusion based on the size of the object. This can be used to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles, drones and more, and trigger notifications for the right type of intruder and minimize false alarms. The smart LiDAR sensors can cover multiple detection zones. Each zone can independently configure its parameters to allow setting up multiple sensitivities e.g., one can detect people, another can detect vehicles, and another could detect both, etc.

Innovative and proven scanning solution for 3D modeling and intruder detection using Light Detection and Ranging.