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Assessment is a critical component of detection and is equally important to the initiation of response. Assessment provides a means to determine the necessary actions (responses) needed to mitigate situations that pose a challenge to physical security. The key element within the assessment process is identification. Identification assists the security force in selecting appropriate responses within a force continuum to address security-related and potential threat situations resulting from the detected activity. Likewise, identification provides a means for the security force to determine the absence of a threat resulting from detected activity such as a nuisance alarm caused by wildlife or debris. It is equally important that the assessment techniques identify the stimulus that caused the alarm quickly, before the stimulus of the alarm disappears from view. This enables the initiation of timely response consistent with the goals and objectives of the physical protection program and protective strategy. Therefore, video assessment systems should be robust and capable of providing the highest level of protection for the specific application in which they are employed.




Complex video surveillance systems help you choose the right system components, integrate the system, and install and configure your new system.

SVS supplies high-quality and high-sensitivity surveillance cameras and vision systems and is an integrator of surveillance equipment such as IP cameras, PTZ systems, pan and tilt devices, camera housings and large zoom lenses.


Our engineering experts design and tailor make video system security concepts in the most adverse viewing and environmental conditions, as well as long-range video solutions and custom pan-tilt units for advanced applications.


SVS supplies professional equipment within the GCC, using the latest technology and equipment.


We develop customized  video surveillance technology, as each application has specific sensitivity, weather, speed, range, temperature, precision and budget requirements. For high-security applications, many considerations must be made to select the right components that are important for preserving images at different distances and in all weather and lighting conditions.


SVS works with market leaders in IP video surveillance and video management solutions. This allows us to offer our customers world leading solutions.