Your Access Control Solution


With unmatched speed and reliability, our feature-rich access control systems centralise credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video applications for a unified, 100% web-based management experience. Designed around the scope of your institution’s needs, our systems work with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making deployment easy. As your organisation and needs grow, migrating to our larger access control systems is seamless.





The access solution from SVS is suitable for small objects with one or two access points as well as for large systems with up to 10,000 access points.


The secure system architecture and a fully encrypted data communication from the reader via the controller to the server reliably protect against manipulation attempts.


The core of the program and the database are based on a software philosophy that has been constantly further developed and refined for many years: clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications and hardware detection wizards enable fast and thus economical handling during installation and operation.


With SVS access control it is possible to realise a multitude of security requirements around the door. For example, access control, time recording,intruder alarm systems and electronic locking technology can be connected to each other in a meaningful and intelligent way. The system provides planning security, as possible extensions can be integrated directly at the door. Overlaps of the trades are avoided, costly double extensions omitted.