Adding Value


SVS provides professional project management services to various customers all around the globe. We convey an incentive for cash by providing the most elevated guidelines of project management, using our experienced team of project managers to acknowledge the business benefits and deliver projects to cost, time and quality.


Our client’s projects are diverse and our service covers strategic projects, for large blue chip organisations, to smaller one-off projects.



SVS prides itself by delivering tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their project requirements, managing project delivery and helping them in delivering their projects on time, budget while maintaining the required quality standards.


Optimal design based on SVS design methodology 
Utilizing standard design criteria by business category, and standard BOM by solution

System design by situation based on global security regulations 
HCIS: Security regulations of Saudi Arabia; CICPA: Security regulations of the UAE


Collaboration with domestic and overseas partners 
Partnering with over 200 specialists in the security and communication industry

Securing competitiveness in product purchasing through global bases 


Securing local installation PM pool through global entities 
Over 100 overseas PMs and more than 500 vendors

Installation deadlines consistently met by systematically managing processes and quality