Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is a software platform that integrates several non-connected security systems, controlling them by an extensive user interface. The user has the ability to detect incidences registered by different security and information systems and to resolve them with approved standardised procedures.


PSIM+ as a solution reaching far beyond the common scope. PSIM+ offers the possibility for a domain-encompassing integration of the complete building, communication and IT infrastructure. Another enhancement compared to conventional PSIM solutions is the connection to higher-tier mission control systems.

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Unified platform

The daily workflows of a control centre are becoming more and more complex. Today all technological and organisational measures of a company should be coordinated in a common operating picture. With its modular and at the same time very compact system structure, PSIM Software is the perfect solution: providing comprehensive control while minimising input devices.


Structured operation

Depending on the surrounding conditions and system entries, the PSIM Software Event Workflows guide the user through the required measures for a quick and secure resolution of the situation. Daily operation is significantly simplified. Furthermore, they offer innovative possibilities for individual sequence control and organisation of the event message processing.



All events such as status changes, incoming event messages or user entries are logged in PSIM Software. Based on this data, reports and evaluations can be created. This also includes the possibility to draw up a PDF report directly out of the event message processing. The graphic display of the collected data provides a quick overview of relevant figures. For external use, this information can be exported into standard formats or provided in real-time via an open web interface.


Security & Stability

PSIM Software location and redundancy concept enables the realisation of complex system architectures and fail-over scenarios. The system availability is continuously ensured via Hot-Standby. The distributed data management allows smooth working even at locations that are connected via a low bandwidth. The network connections are, as a matter of principle, encrypted by Beyond PSIM according to current standards.



PSIM Software is scalable from a standalone system up to a comprehensive network solution with several locations and mobile clients. The functionality of the system can be flexibly extended anytime by further modules and interfaces. The modular design of the solution offers high investment protection. With individually adapted modules for particular functions, systems, processes or verticals, PSIM Software solves specific requirements complex global solution, easy to operate.



In addition to special solutions for different business sectors (Vertical Solutions), open interfaces as well as the collaboration with external companies enable extension of the system as well as to cover further applications, e.g. ticketing systems, incident management systems or different evaluation tools (KPIs, Health Monitoring, etc.)




Hazard Alert Systems

Visualisation of linked systems. Comprehensive overview of the situation. Defined workflows to support the user. Automatised measures such as e.g. printout of fire alarm route cards and evacuation maps.


Video Surveillance

Centralised control of video systems. Direct synchronisation of events with the video images. Export of individual images or sequences in order to preserve evidence.


Access Control

Operation and event management for access control. Event-related display of personal data, pictures and video images. Archiving and evaluation.


Perimeter Protection

Versatile possibilities due to integration of perimeter protection, motion detectors and video analysis. Homogeneous visualisation and control as well as automatic interaction with other security systems.



Efficient situation management thanks to the consolidation of different communication systems. Information of responsibilities and alerting of emergency forces at the press of a button.



Highest personal safety due to immediate automatically initiated measures. Unlocking of escape doors and issuance of public address announcements.