On going threats and security breaches around the world highlight the need for reliable perimeter systems to protect critical assets and facilities atrisk. Perimeters are the first line of defense for the protection of persons, facilities and assets. 


Perimeter systems combine the strengths of machines and people. After detection by the sensors, vision systems can “see” what is happening across the perimeter surfaces, and people, provided they have accurate information, can make quick and appropriate decisions about possible response actions.


Our tasks include:


  1. Risk / Threat Analysis
  2. Designing and specifying perimeter protection systems
  3. Perimeter; detection using different sensor and vision systems – Identification of site challenges and safety considerations
  4. Development of a concept of operational factors


We prevent incidents before they occur by using the world’s most advanced monitoring and sensor systems on the market and consistently strive to further enhance our security design process.


Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, our goal is to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that provides innovative approaches to new threats and technologies.





Essentially, our solutions consist of detecting and tracking objects in large perimeter areas, providing automated alerts for the earliest possible warning and response. 


With state-of-the-art detection technology, we determine the GPS position of potential intruders in the terrain to be secured.


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We say that vision systems like PTZ cameras are used where they should look in real time, so they never look the wrong way when they are most needed. And we integrate the alarms into advanced management and control systems so you can receive and process the alerts the way you need them.


Our passive wide-area surveillance system provides unparalleled real-time security against both conventional and asymmetric threats. It combines the latest innovations in thermal sensor technology with a proven and solid mechanical design. 


A single sensor can provide 24/7 early detection of human intrusion over a range of up to several kilometers in diameter.




Equipped with powerful threat detection software, sensors enable early targeting across extremely large areas in total darkness, any weather, or even fog or smoke. An unlimited number of targets can be identified simultaneously on high-resolution images, including barely detectable threats such as: As crawling people, inflatable boats and air targets with low altitudes and UAVs.


The sensors used are the ultimate solution for large-scale surveillance, continuous perimeter security and protection of critical infrastructure facilities, military facilities, ship self-defense, oil and gas infrastructure, airports, ports, borders and coasts.


With a comprehensive portfolio, SVS can offer you the sensor that best meets your needs.

  1. Active infrared light barriers (AIR)
  2. High-resolution 3D LiDAR detectors
  3. Passive fiber optic
  4. Long-range PIR detectors outside
  5. Ground radar technology
  6. Non-cooled infrared sensors in the long wave range (LWIR)
  7. Cooled infrared sensors in the medium wave range (MWIR)


Our perimeter sensors are ideal for mid-range security applications that span just a few hundred meters, up to large applications in facilities whose open spaces and external boundaries span several kilometres.