Automatic Number Plate Recognition (or as frequently called ‘number plate recognition’) is a special form of optical character recognition (OCR).


License plate recognition system (LPRS) is a type of technology, mainly software, that enables computer systems to read automatically the registration number (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures.


Reading automatically the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the ASCII text of the number plate.




While license plate recognition has special type of OCR technology, today optical character recognition (OCR) technology is considered strictly a type of technology – mainly software – that lets you scan paper documents and turn them into electronic, editable files.


From the LPR/ANPR point of view the image quality is always key factor. Capturing of fast moving vehicles needs special technique to avoid motion blur which can decrease the recognition accuracy dramatically. To ensure the right image quality short shutter time need to be used with the combination of high-power illumination.


The best illumination is the IR, because the retro-reflective plates reflect this kind of light very well and it is undetectable for the human eye. This combination works fine during day and night and provides constant good image quality.


Only dedicated ANPR cameras meet these requirements, SVS provided ANPR cameras, which provide flexible shutter control with built-in IR flash and able to catch the vehicles up to 250km/h which is suitable for all kind of license plate reading applications.


License Plate Recognition System enables high-performance automatic detection and recognition of license plates in real-time or from recorded footage. This AI-driven system collects data complete with high-quality images, timestamps, and GPS coordinates. With its flexible and scalable design, the SVS License Plate Recognition System can be customized to meet the requirements of various fixed or mobile applications for private and government sectors.



Protecting all the entrances to your building with the VIA Smart Access Control and License Plate Recognition Systems


How often do problems come in openly through the front door, and how often do they sneak in through the back one? Common sense says that you must protect both, but maybe you should pay a little more attention to the less-visible rear entrance.


Protecting entrances to buildings is a difficult task, but thanks to the advanced technology and flexible design of VIA Edge AI systems, we can help you secure all entrances to your building.


The SVS Smart Access Control System protects the front door. By replacing easily-faked photo ID cards with precise facial recognition technology, the system tells building managers exactly who is in the building and when they entered and left.


Accurate information is just the start of it. The system also helps to minimize security staff headcount and increases user satisfaction by eliminating irritating and time-consuming security procedures.


Controlling the flow of people is necessary for facilities security but isn’t sufficient. Facilities need more than people; they also require deliveries of all shapes and sizes. Anything larger than a big envelope is delivered by trucks through a garage or service entrance. Here is where the SVS License Plate Recognition System shines, enabling instant access to pre-approved vehicles and automatically flagging unknown ones for closer inspection.


Indeed, the Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition applications, in the two systems can be integrated into a single system that can examine both the driver’s face and the truck’s license plate and deliver accurate results in real time.




Loading bays are often crowded and chaotic, and drivers are impatient to finish the delivery quickly. Pre-approved trucks and drivers can go about their business without stopping, increasing user satisfaction and operational efficiency. Trucks or drivers not pre-approved are flagged for closer inspection. What was a complex problem mostly disappearing, with time and money being spent only on dealing with potential problems rather than being wasted on pre-approved trucks and drivers.


SVS doesn’t just sell systems; it provides solutions for specific problems. With their modular design, the SVS Smart Access Control System and its License Plate Recognition System can be customized to protect any part of a building – from the visible front door to the less-visible but more vulnerable delivery area at the rear and the spaces between them.


The SVS Smart Access Control System allows organizations to strengthen building security and surveillance while allowing lightning-fast access for staff and approved visitors. The system features high-precision facial recognition software and comprehensive analytics capabilities and supports up to four high-quality video streams. With its scalable design, it can be customized to meet specific deployment requirements.


The SVS License Plate Recognition System enables high-performance automatic detection and recognition of license plates in real-time or from recorded footage. With its flexible design, the system can be customized to meet the requirements of various fixed or mobile applications for private and government sectors.


Building customer loyalty for parking lot customers with the LPR System